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African Journal of Business EthicsOpen Access
African Journal of Paediatric SurgeryOpen Access
Ancient Science of LifeOpen Access
Anesthesia : Essays and ResearchesOpen Access
Annals of African MedicineOpen Access
Annals of Cardiac AnaesthesiaOpen Access
Annals of Indian Academy of NeurologyOpen Access
Annals of Maxillofacial SurgeryOpen Access
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences ResearchOpen Access
Annals of Nigerian MedicineOpen Access
Annals of Pediatric CardiologyOpen Access
Annals of Saudi MedicineOpen Access
Annals of Thoracic MedicineOpen Access
Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public HealthOpen Access
Asian Journal of NeurosurgeryOpen Access
Asian Journal of PharmaceuticsOpen Access
Asian Journal of Transfusion ScienceOpen Access
Avicenna Journal of MedicineOpen Access
AYU : An international quarterly journal of research in AyurvedaOpen Access
Chronicles of Young ScientistsOpen Access
Clinical and Experimental Hepatology
Conservation and SocietyOpen Access
Contemporary Clinical DentistryOpen Access
CytoJournalOpen Access
Dental Research JournalOpen Access
Heart ViewsOpen Access
Hepatitis B AnnualOpen Access
IETE Journal of Education
IETE Journal of ResearchOpen Access
IETE Technical ReviewOpen Access
Indian Dermatology Online JournalOpen Access
Indian Journal of AnaesthesiaOpen Access
Indian Journal of CancerOpen Access
Indian Journal of Community MedicineOpen Access
Indian Journal of Critical Care MedicineOpen Access
Indian Journal of Dental ResearchOpen Access
Indian Journal of DermatologyOpen Access
Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and LeprologyOpen Access
Indian Journal of Human GeneticsOpen Access
Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric OncologyOpen Access
Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology (IJMM)Open Access
Indian Journal of Medical SciencesOpen Access
Indian Journal of Nephrology (IJN)Open Access
Indian Journal of NeurosurgeryOpen Access
Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineOpen Access
Indian Journal of OphthalmologyOpen Access
Indian Journal of OrthopaedicsOpen Access
Indian Journal of OtologyOpen Access
Indian Journal of Palliative CareOpen Access
Indian Journal of Pathology and MicrobiologyOpen Access
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesOpen Access
Indian Journal of PharmacologyOpen Access
Indian Journal of Plastic SurgeryOpen Access
Indian Journal of PsychiatryOpen Access
Indian Journal of Psychological MedicineOpen Access
Indian Journal of Public HealthOpen Access
Indian Journal of Radiology and ImagingOpen Access
Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDSOpen Access
Indian Journal of UrologyOpen Access
Industrial Psychiatry JournalOpen Access
International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical ResearchOpen Access
International Journal of Ayurveda ResearchOpen Access
International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury ScienceOpen Access
International Journal of Green PharmacyOpen Access
International Journal of Nutrition, Pharmacology, Neurological DiseasesOpen Access
International Journal of Pharmaceutical InvestigationOpen Access
International Journal of Preventive MedicineOpen Access
International Journal of Shoulder SurgeryOpen Access
International Journal of TrichologyOpen Access
International Journal of YogaOpen Access
Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery ResearchOpen Access
Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & ResearchOpen Access
Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical PharmacologyOpen Access
Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative MedicineOpen Access
Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics (JCRT)Open Access
Journal of CarcinogenesisOpen Access
Journal of Cardiovascular Disease ResearchOpen Access
Journal of Clinical Imaging ScienceOpen Access
Journal of Clinical Rheumatology in AyurvedaOpen Access
Journal of Conservative DentistryOpen Access
Journal of Craniovertebral Junction and SpineOpen Access
Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic SurgeryOpen Access
Journal of CytologyOpen Access
Journal of Dental ImplantsOpen Access
Journal of Digestive EndoscopyOpen Access
Journal of Dr. NTR University of Health SciencesOpen Access
Journal of Education and Ethics in DentistryOpen Access
Journal of Emergencies, Trauma and ShockOpen Access
Journal of Engineering and TechnologyOpen Access
Journal of Family and Community MedicineOpen Access
Journal of Family Medicine and Primary CareOpen Access
Journal of Forensic Dental SciencesOpen Access
Journal of Global Infectious DiseasesOpen Access
Journal of Gynecological Endoscopy and SurgeryOpen Access
Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences (JHRS)Open Access
Journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology
Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric SurgeonsOpen Access
Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive DentistryOpen Access
Journal of Indian Society of PeriodontologyOpen Access
Journal of Interdisciplinary DentistryOpen Access
Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community DentistryOpen Access
Journal of Laboratory PhysiciansOpen Access
Journal of Laryngology and VoiceOpen Access
Journal of Medical Nutrition and NutraceuticalsOpen Access
Journal of Medical PhysicsOpen Access
Journal of Mid-life HealthOpen Access
Journal of Minimal Access Surgery (JMAS)Open Access
Journal of Natural PharmaceuticalsOpen Access
Journal of Natural Science, Biology and MedicineOpen Access
Journal of Neurosciences in Rural PracticeOpen Access
Journal of Obstetric Anaesthesia and Critical CareOpen Access
Journal of Oral and Maxillo Facial PathologyOpen Access
Journal of Orthodontic ScienceOpen Access
Journal of Pathology InformaticsOpen Access
Journal of Pediatric NeurosciencesOpen Access
Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative ResultsOpen Access
Journal of Pharmacology & PharmacotherapeuticsOpen Access
Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied SciencesOpen Access
Journal of Postgraduate MedicineOpen Access
Journal of Prenatal Diagnosis and TherapyOpen Access
Journal of Research in Medical SciencesOpen Access
Journal of Surgical Technique and Case ReportOpen Access
Journal of the Scientific SocietyOpen Access
Journal of Young PharmacistsOpen Access
Lung IndiaOpen Access
Medical Law Cases for Doctors
Mens Sana MonographsOpen Access
Middle East African Journal of OphthalmologyOpen Access
National Journal of Maxillofacial SurgeryOpen Access
Neurology IndiaOpen Access
Nigerian Journal of Clinical PracticeOpen Access
Nigerian Journal of SurgeryOpen Access
Nigerian Medical JournalOpen Access
Noise and Health
North American Journal of Medical SciencesOpen Access
Oman Journal of OphthalmologyOpen Access
Perspectives in Clinical ResearchOpen Access
Pharmaceutical MethodsOpen Access
Pharmacognosy MagazineOpen Access
Pharmacognosy ResearchOpen Access
Pharmacognosy ReviewsOpen Access
Pulmonary CirculationOpen Access
PVRI ReviewOpen Access
Radiation Protection and EnvironmentOpen Access
Ramon Llull Journal of Applied EthicsOpen Access
Research in Pharmaceutical SciencesOpen Access
Saudi Journal for Health SciencesOpen Access
Saudi Journal of AnaesthesiaOpen Access
Saudi Journal of GastroenterologyOpen Access
Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and TransplantationOpen Access
Scholars' Research Journal
South Asian Journal of CancerOpen Access
Surgical Neurology InternationalOpen Access
Systematic Reviews in PharmacyOpen Access
Thyroid Research and PracticeOpen Access
Toxicology InternationalOpen Access
Tropical ParasitologyOpen Access
Urology AnnalsOpen Access
World Journal of Nuclear MedicineOpen Access
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